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Box Chairs 7 smaller.jpg

The "Factory Nail Salon" series explores my blue-collar upbringing, drawing aesthetic and metaphorical connection between my father's factory work and my mother's small home nail salon, and highlighting shared utilitarian beauty and socioeconomic realities of middle-class life.

AgarAgar Light 3 Smaller.jpg

This series focuses on experimenting and creating with the emerging and petrochemical-free material of seaweed-based Agar Agar Bioplastics in new artwork. 

Meditation Cushion Set 1 Smaller.jpg

The ‘Modular Meditation Spaces’ series is centered around TWO MAIN CONCEPTS

ONE, the prioritization and utilization of efficient space;

And TWO, the intentional shifting of living habits into a more floor-based lifestyle.

Concrete Side Table Pair_Smaller.jpg

The ‘Hyper-Local HMA’ (Heavy Material Acquisition) concept was born from ideations on how to achieve unique concrete object designs without committing the near absolute-sin of shipping these items across large distances to the end-user. 

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