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8_29_23 Listening Poem

dogs barking

distant live mexican band

crickets chirping

the sound of my air conditioning motor slowly dissipating to silence

clicking of my keys

flickering of my lamp prototype due to faulty dimmer switch or inconsistent power

rustling of my clothes as I adjust my legs

cars passing by, far

motorcycles too

rolling snare drum of the mexican band playing, sharp even at great distance

the sound of my hands clap hard as i try to catch a gnat

muted siren wailing, far

crickets louder now, later

I want to get decaf tea so I can have tea in the evenings

last night i had two bags of regular earl grey at 7pm and i was up until 330 in the morning against my will

mexican music coming out loud from a passing car

almost silence as the band finishes a song

just the crickets and my key clicking now

small dogs start barking far off

large one joins in for one bark

now more

no more music

okay now more music

different sounding though, jazzy mexican music now instead of traditional

I'm waiting an extra long time for my clothes to dry in the dryer because

the washer didn't spin the water out of them for some reason

i stood there in the dark and wrung each piece of clothing out one by one

so they stood a chance of getting dry

the water splashed down on the concrete and brought dirt up onto my feet

and flip-flops, my arms started to get tired at the end and i was annoyed

the sound of my palm hitting the wall hard as i try to get a large gnat

leaves rustling, just a few

car engines revving loud


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