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L:01.A (AgarAgar Light)



Each AgarAgar Bioplastics Light is a unique and handmade artwork. Every part of the process is done by hand, and each individual Light is one-of-a kind given the natural variations of the Bioplastics cooking, pigmentation, shaping, and final curing process within the resin panes.


This sale is for one unique "Multi-Colored" light, which will have colors similar to the ones pictured here. It will also come with this same red cord, 15ft. in length. If custom colors are desired, please contact me to discuss. 


The steel mounting plate is not included in this sale by default, but it is available as an option. This is a custom fabrication by a metal artist in East Los Angeles and is made with very high attention to quality. 


Series: "AgarAgar Bioplastics"


Series Info:

The AgarAgar Bioplastics series is centered around the creation of Agar Agar Bioplastic material that is then cast in epoxy resin and ultimately fabricated to become a new type of light artwork. Agar Agar is a substance derived from Red Algae. Along with other types of Bioplastic, Agar Agar is being used in many new forms of industrial and commercial plastics applications as a more sustainable source of material than traditional petrochemical plastics. Agar Agar powder is made into a workable Bioplastic material by combining it with Glycerin/Glycerol, Water, and whatever color pigmentation is desired. 


Along with the Agar Agar Bioplastic being semi-transparent, the resin panes housing it are also transparent, allowing lightwaves to pass through the entire fixture and highlighting the aesthetic qualities of the preserved Bioplastic material. 


The series was started out of an interest in continuing futurist material explorations of these new bioplastics in our everyday lives and artwork, showing new possibilities that can be achieved with them, and expanding upon the work of Bioplastics Artist and researcher Tiare Ribeaux. 


*To read the full series description and teleology, please refer to the "Thoughts & Words" page*


Mounting Plate Needed?


This product takes 4-6 weeks to fabricate before it is able to be shipped.


Light Fixture: 5.5” x 5.5” x 10”

Cord Length: 15ft


Each Light will be on a 15ft cloth cord unless otherwise noted. Please inquire before purchasing if you require a different length of cord. The wall bracket featured in some pictures is not included in this sale and would need to be a separate private commission through another artist’s metal shop here in East Los Angeles. Please inquire if you would like more info about the custom wall bracket. 


This light is made with high-quality, dimmable LED lightbulbs that measure 7.3 inches and have a 2700K CRI95 Light Rating. Please note that the sale of this light does not include a dimmer switch. Additionally, each light will have a transparent matte finish, unless otherwise noted.


Each light will have a transparent matte finish unless otherwise noted. 


Please note that handmade artwork may have aesthetic inconsistencies that are part of what makes each piece unique. While I strive to minimize any noticeable inconsistencies, slight imperfections are part of the reasonable expectation for all handmade work. Please keep this in mind before purchasing.


It is recommended to not expose this object to direct sunlight or extreme heat, as this could cause natural pigmentation and resin color fading over time. Extreme heat could also affect the structural integrity of the cured resin and other elements of fabrication.

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