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MC:01.A (Meditation Cushions)



The ‘Meditation Cushion Set’ is a multi-functional and dynamic set of seating objects intended for use during meditation or other floor-based activities. Each cushion has four proprietarily designed platform-feet to protect your floor and also the bottom of the cushion's wood from any damage. The foam used for each cushion is 100% Organic Latex foam, which is incredibly plush and long-lasting. 


In addition, each set of two cushions comes with a ‘separator board’ which enables the cushions to be joined into one object, or to turn one cushion into a flat surface for various uses. This board is not included in the sale of a single cushion. This board is seen in the picture with the notebook resting on it. 


Price is for one cushion. 


This item is 100% vegan.


Series: Modular Meditation Series


Series Info:

The ‘Modular Meditation’ series is centered around mixed-used & removable modular cushions designed primarily for use as meditation cushions. In my own life, I like to have most of my furniture or home objects capable of being used in different ways. This is probably born from the learned skillset of minimal & organized living within bigger cities, I.e. - smaller spaces. This way, I can have unique and nichely-designed objects in my area without having them gluttonously take up space as being only one-function items. 


Also a main exploration of this series is object that can not only be used modularly and multi-functionally but also as a way to prioritize and shift into a more floor-based living style. I’ve always felt more comfortable lying on the ground as opposed to formal furniture, even since childhood. Traditionally known as a facet of Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and other cultures, floor sitting has been researched as a way to promote sustained physical activity throughout life and even shown to elongate human life spans ~ “Improving posture and increase overall strength, flexibility, and mobility.” (…). I find that being closer to the floor means that I’m far more likely to stretch, practice other body movements, or enter into a quick meditation without being physically constrained to the inherently small surface area of a chair or other limiting seating object. 


*To read the full series description and teleology, please refer to the "Thoughts & Words" page*



This product takes 4-6 weeks to fabricate before it is able to be shipped.


100% GOLS Certified Organic Foam

100% Organic 100% Cotton Batting

Beige Velvet Fabric 

Proprietary 3D Printed Hardware 

1/2" MDF (Superlite) Cushion Inner

Nylon Cord


Approximately: 15"L x 15"W x 4.5H"

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