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B:02.A (Bench w/Meditation Cushions)



The ‘Modular Low Bench’ is a laying and sitting surface comprised of three removable Meditation Cushions. These are the same cushions sold separately as a set, which feature incredibly plush 3" 100% natural Latex foam as the cushion material. In addition to the cushions, there are three wood connector boards that function either as a way to modularly connect each cushion to its respective spot, or to use as a flat working surface while the cushion is off. (Connector board seen in picture with open magazine resting on top of it). The uniform spaces in between the connected cushions are the perfect size and plushness to rest your arms, legs, or head while lying down.


This object is available in the following options:

"Sand & Wood" - sand colored fabric, raw wood top (Birch Ply)

"Bright Magenta & Laminate" - bright magenta colored fabric, coral colored laminate top (as shown in "Modular Day Bed" pictures)

Note: both options will come with rough-textured plaster bases 


Note, the smooth texture of the concrete bases is no longer a fabrication technique I am using, instead, the bases will be a more rough texture of plaster as seen on the 'Low Plaster Table'.


Series: ‘Modular Meditation Spaces’


Series Info:

The ‘Modular Meditation Series’ is centered around mixed-used & removable modular cushions designed primarily for use as meditation cushions. In my own life, I like to have most of my furniture or home-objects capable of being used in different ways. This is probably born from the learned skillset of minimal & organized living within bigger cities, I.e. - smaller spaces. This way, I can have unique and nichely-designed objects in my area without having them gluttonously take up space as being only one-function items. 


Also a main exploration of this series is object that can not only be used modularly and multi-functionally, but also as a way to prioritize and shift into a more floor-based living style. I’ve always felt more comfortable lying on the ground as opposed to formal furniture, even since childhood. Traditionally known as a facet of Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and other cultures, floor sitting has been researched as a way to promote sustained physical activity throughout life and even shown to elongate human life spans ~ “Improving posture and increase overall strength, flexibility, and mobility.” (…). I find that being closer to the floor means that I’m far more likely to stretch, practice other body movements, or enter into a quick meditation without being physically constrained to a chair or other limiting seating object. 


*To read the full series description and teleology, please refer to the "Thoughts & Words" page*

Color & Surface


This product takes 8-10 weeks to fabricate before it is able to be shipped.


62" x 17" x 21" (top of cushion height)


Wood Top:

Premcore Plus Plywood

Birch Veneer 

Proprietary 3D Printed Hardware 



Custom Molded Concrete (Proprietary)



Meditation Cushion Line:

100% GOLS Certified Organic Foam

100% Organic 100% Cotton Batting

Beige Velvet Fabric 

Proprietary 3D Printed Hardware 

1/2" MDF (Superlite) Cushion Inner

3/4" Baltic Birch Base

Nylon Cord


The 'smooth' texture of the plaster cylinder legs is a fabrication technique I am no longer doing. Instead, the texture would be rougher to the touch, and aesthetically closer to the legs of my object "Plaster Coffee Table". 

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