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MO:01.A (Multi-Orientable Objects)




The ‘Multi-Orientable Object’ is a multi-use object that can be oriented in two different ways - horizontally and vertically. Proprietarily designed platform-feet present on two different sides of the box allow it to be oriented in these ways without causing damage to the body itself. The reason for this capability is both to allow accessibility for multiple different body types, and to allow the boxes to be used in various different scenarios, i.e. - horizontally as low-seating object, or vertically as side table, etc. 


Series: ‘Factory Nail Salon’


Series Info:

The designs and concepts in the ‘Factory Nail Salon’ series are inspired by and directly related to my original “Lil Tuff Chunk” (2022) object. This object and the others in this series are the beginning of my ongoing exploration into the aesthetic and cultural roots of my blue-collar familial upbringing. 

To be more specific - My father worked as a mechanic at the Ford River Rouge Factory Complex in Detroit Michigan for over 30 years, while my Mother worked as a manicurist in our small basement DIY nail salon. These object concepts are exploring the aesthetic and metaphorical links between those two worlds. In one sense, the worlds could not be farther apart from each other. While in another, they share not only unintentional utilitarian beauty via industrial and pragmatically minded creations, but also socioeconomic similarities surrounding the reality of middle-class financial income obligations. 




13" x 13" x 20"


Premcore Plus Plywood (Domestic - North America)

High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

Proprietary 3D Printed Hardware 

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