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Alexander Kaye

(b. 1989 Warren Michigan)

Self-Taught Object Artist, Conceptual Artist, Sound Artist


m: 586 484 2923

Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan, 2003

IG (artist & personal)

@akaye.objects (object portfolio)

Private Commissions:

Mo M., Los Angeles 2023 - 17 Unique Pieces
Allison B., Los Angeles 2023 2 Unique Pieces
Ainsley W., San Francisco 2023 4 Unique Pieces

Lily R., Los Angeles 2023 1 Unique Piece

Anna E., Los Angeles 2023 5 Unique Pieces
Helena O., San Francisco 2022 1 Unique Pieces


Exhibitions, Shows, Installations
“Weird Flowers” Group Show, Los Angeles 2023
Solo Showcase and Installation at Sunbeam Vintage, Los Angeles, 2023

"Factory_Nail_Salon" series permanently installed at Kindness & Mischief, LA 2023

3HD Festival, Berlin Germany, 2020 

Navel LA's 'NOW, WHAT' Group Show, July 2021
TNOC (The Nature of Cities) Festival, 2020 
Femmebit Art Festival, 2021
Hawaii International Film Festival, 2020

Other Notable Work

Creator/Host of “Sound, Art, Neurodivergence” Interview Series With Dublab, 2022

Production Designer For Iniko's "Jericho" Music Video, Columbia Records, 2023

Production Designer for Windward's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' Production 2022

Composer for DUBLAB x Spitfire LA ATMOS LABS Series 2021

Press, Articles, Interviews

Featured in “For Scale” Articles June and August 2023
Guest artist Lecturer at Pepperdine University, 'Art x Sustainability' 2021
Featured on Dublab's Field-Recording Podcast 'Out-There' 2022
Interviewed on Dr. Yewande Pearse's Podcast 'Sound Science' 2021

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