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Rolling Concrete Agar Art_FULLSIZE_SmallerBLURRED.jpg

* The act of writing this paragraph unintentionally led me down a path to try and find an already-existing word or phrase for the phenomenon of realizing, from knowledge gained through hindsight, that an object or idea's ultimate (or current) intention is actually better suited for a different purpose than it was originally created for. To read more about my etymological research into this possible new word or phrase click here.


In my practice there are often objects and art pieces that are made solely as a way to experiment with new shapes,  colors, textures, artistic concepts, fabrication techniques, and materials.  These items are inherently very  limited in nature as they are, at the moment, not intended to be made in any greater quantity than themselves. They may ultimately be the concept-objects for a larger series of work, or they may exist exclusively as one-of-one pieces.*


Before these objects become available for public sale, they will be presented to a private email list. Those who are on this list will have the priority option of buying these objects before they are made publicly available. (Expected frequency: 1-2 emails per month)

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