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Sunbeam Vintage Showcase Text, 2023

My name is Alex Kaye and I am a multidisciplinary artist and fabricator. These objects are designed and handmade in my studio in East Los Angeles. They are the result of an evolving art practice exploring elements of joy, chance, risk, shape, color, curiosity, sustainability, modularity, and modern-futurism.

My focus is creating objects that bring everyday joy to their users, as well as encouragement to use space in new and exploratory ways. To care for our joy and wonder is an intentional act that I feel is incredibly important to being truly alive. I believe that actively cultivating small points of daily joy, such as noticing the color of an object you like, or the scent of a flower can amalgamate to a larger system of intentional-self-being that is greater than the sum of its parts.

These pieces were all ideated with material sustainability and health-safety as precursors. There are notes about this placed on each piece and further information on

At the moment these pieces are not financially accessible to all people due to the costs of material, design, fabrication, and the cost of living in Los Angeles. I’m often thinking about ways to operate more ethically and fairly within capitalism while maintaining design and material quality, however, I do not have answers for this right now.


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